The Climate Fresk

The Climate Fresk is a fun, educational and collaborative workshop created by Cédric Ringenbach and designed to raise awareness of climate change emergency.

This unique training is built as a “serious game” and strongly appeals to Collective Intelligence. Beginners and experts can thus discover or deepen their knowledge about climate change and its environmental and social impacts.
All participants are invited to collaborate in teams of 4-6 players and discover together the causes and consequences of climate change. To achieve this, they only use a set of 42 cards that they need to organize… on a gigantic board (named “The Fresk”) !

Although very accessible, the Climate Fresk is only based on IPCC reports and thus very thorough on scientific aspects.

Since its creation in 2018, 200.000+ people have played the Climate Fresk !

If  you want to attend to a workshop, organize team building sessions in your organization or even get trained to facilitate the Climate Fresk, you can send me an email.

Certified Facilitator

5 Reasons Why Every Company Should Play The Climate Fresk

  • FACE THE EMERGENCY : it’s still time to act if everybody gets involved
  • UNDERSTAND causes and consequences of climate derangement
  • REINFORCE RELATIONSHIPS between coworkers and develop team spirit across the organization
  • GET PEOPLE INVOLVED in internal and external projects for positive innovation and sustainbility
  • ACT TOGETHER to tackle environmental and societal challenges for today and tomorrow

Progress through the workshop

What are my roles as certified facilitator ?

  • Facilitation : as a profesionnal certified coach, I make sure that Collective Intelligence emerges from the team collaboration to build the Fresk. During the workshop, everybody must feel comfortable with sharing ideas and emotions to live a fantastic personal and collective experience.
  • Content : my role is to assist the team and provide additional insights to successfully guide them through the workshop, while making sure that the discussions remain fact-based and consistent with IPCC reports.
  • Organization : I take care of all logistics and technical aspects to offer smooth and enjoyable experience during the workshop.
    Workshops can be facilitated in French and in English.

Attend Climate Fresk and become a part of the solution !

Live Workshop

Share a moment with your teams to discover climate change stakes and how to become part of the solution.

Online Workshop

Your teams are spread on different locations ?
Live the Climate Fresk in remote

Become a Facilitator

Train yourself to become a Facilitator and help us spread Climate Fresk anywhere around the world


Ville de ChatouWorkshops for the Mayor, his team and 26 town hall employees to understand current challenges, adapt local politics and develop sustainable projects.

Facilitation and Training for local Environment Defense Association to quickly build a Climate Fresk community and educate the citizens.

30+ Climate Fresks facilitated with NGO “La Fresque du Climat” for citizens, companies, politics, students, …